Operations—maximising capacity

So you are working hard, but you don’t seem to be able to achieve as much as you think you should…

In this masterclass learn how to

1.  Improve your time management skills and learn how to make the best use of your time.

2.  Understand what your capacity really is and learn what you can do to increase it. Allowing you to increase sales.

3.  Ensure you deliver a quality service every time.

4.  Assess your operational risks and find out how to manage them.

All attendees receive useful easy to follow handouts that explain the course content.

To demonstrate the power of small change all attendees promise to themselves that they will implement JUST ONE THING they have learned over the course of the next month.

We meet in a private room at the beautiful Drapers Hall in Shrewsbury where we sit around
a single table exploring valuable business strategies covering key aspects of your business,
which you can implement into your business right away . . . And all this while enjoying
good company and light refreshments.

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