Britain’s top talent

I am constantly amazed at number of talented people and amazing businesses here in Shropshire.  But why?

Why is it that we expect exceptional talent to come from other places?   We expect to find exceptional talent overseas, in London, or even in Birmingham, but why don’t we expect to find the best on our doorstep, right here in Shropshire? 

We only have to look at Charles Darwin, Thomas Telford, AE Housman, William Penny-Brookes, Ellis Peters, Mary Webb, Admiral Benbow (was he named after the pub?) and there are plenty more, to see that Shropshire has always grown or attracted amazing people.

So please, next time you are looking for a business provider, look locally first and check out Britain’s top talent right here in Shropshire. And if you are not sure who to use – speak to someone who might know. Another business, someone in your network, or a business advisor – I can even do that for free!

Let’s support our own people – and help Shropshire’s own exceptional businesses thrive.

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