How to tackle the current economy

With what appears to be the end of government funding to support SMEs and an economy that is questionable it seems that tough times are still ahead.

But this doesn’t need to be doom and gloom. Machiavelli said “you should never waste the opportunities of a good crisis”. And whether you want to be Machiavellian about it or you just want to survive, you will need to do things differently in response to the changing environment in which we find ourselves. Reassess everything you do and see what you can do better, quicker and more profitably in order to stay ahead.

While getting your house in order do look about you to see what you can do differently.  Remember, if you keep doing the same as before then you can expect the same results.  Do check what works and what doesn’t.  And if it doesn’t work, don’t just dismiss it, but understand why it doesn’t work, otherwise you will learn nothing.  It might only require a tweak to be fit for purpose.

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But don’t get overwhelmed and try to do everything all at once, decide what is most important to address first, but keep your eye on the other bits as well.  When you tweak something in one area it has a habit of affecting other things around it.  And if you need a hand…

As I always say, it is the power of small change that makes the biggest difference.

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