Are you hiring the right team?

The right teamHow successful are you at attracting the sort of staff to your team that you really want?  Are your staff all committed to delivering the kind of service that you need?  You can start by asking yourself whether you are interviewing in the right way.

Hiring the right staff to make a positive difference to your business can be a challenge, and getting it wrong can be disastrous.  But there are some simple things you can do in the interview that will help you hire the best person for the role.

So often I see people choosing someone merely because they have done the job before.  But please think about it.  People need to be challenged and motivated and while they might appear to hit the ground running ask yourself whether they might get bored and become demotivated more quickly than someone who has the right skills and values but hasn’t done the exact same job before.  Here are some useful tips for interviewing.

Firstly when interviewing think about your objectives.  What would the ideal staff member look like?  How can you find out whether the candidate is the right person for the job? Think about what you really want to know and what information do you think you should be sharing with the applicants.

Think about your company values.  If delivering exceptional customer service important to you then make sure you are asking questions that relate to that.  If honesty and integrity are important, then think about what you should be asking the candidate in order to find out whether they are a good match.  Research has found that where a person’s personal values match with the company values then they are more likely to be effective in their job and remain committed and motivated.

You will find out far more about the candidate if you ask them to give examples of when they have done something in the past.  Here are some examples of questions you could ask

  • Please give me an example of when you have demonstrated leadership
  • Can you give me an example of how do you cope with being told how to do something, when you might see a better way of doing it?
  • Say you are given a task that you are having problems with, what do you do?
  • Nowadays we never seem to be able to work on one job alone through to completion.  We constantly juggle priorities.  Can you give me an example, from your experience, of how you have managed a number of simultaneously tight deadlines?
  • Imagine you are working on a big job, it is the end of the day, and the deadline is 11am tomorrow morning.  How do you handle this situation? Can you give me an example of when something similar has happened?
  • Could you describe the sort of client contact you have had in the past, and how you have dealt with a difficult client?
  • Which of your past jobs have you most enjoyed and why?
  • What is the most frustrating thing about the job you have been doing and if you could change anything, how would you like to see it change?
  • Can you please describe your experience as a team leader?
  • Have your team ever criticised you as a leader, if so how did you react?
  • Can you give an example when you have had to deal with a difficult team member?
  • How do you maintain self-motivation when you are frustrated by the job in some way?

The people you hire and the way you manage them can make or break your business.  Asking the right questions at interview is a start, but there are a number of other important factors too.  If you want to get the most from your team then contact me for an obligation free consultation.

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