How to find some valuable thinking time

A tree in Shropshire

The tree of thought...

We all know the importance of thinking before we act, don’t we?   But when we are so busy doing what we need to do it can be hard to find time to stop and think.

Clarity of thinking is best when you are alone, relaxed away from the office and you can tap into your solitude.  So, what if you could find that solitary time right under your nose?

Now, please don’t waste it.

Here is my gift to you… some time to think…

In the shower:  the heat and the sound of water can really stimulate the thought process.  Enjoy your shower every morning, cleaning away yesterday’s woes and focusing on planning for your business day ahead.

In the car: As you drive to work, stop getting frustrated by the other drivers.  Use this time to relax and think about how you can make best use of the day ahead, or think creatively about how you can overcome a business obstacle.  Try it, it works and you get to work in a much better frame of mind.

In the garden or in a park:  Out in the fresh air tending your plants or walking and enjoying the beauty of nature can free you from the day to day grind and help you become more receptive to ideas.

By the riverbank:  There is something about just stopping and gazing at flowing water that can put us in a trance and can inspire great thinking and ideas.

Out on the golf course: While you might need to focus and concentrate on your game, the environment, fresh air, slight wind blowing through your hair, beautiful nature all around, can arouse calm clear thoughts.

Where is your preferred place to think?

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