Marketing in the Digital Age

Digital communications should make things simpler, cheaper, and more effective shouldn’t they?

Have you ever really considered

  • Why do you have a website?
  • How do you communicate with your clients? How do they want to be communicated with?
  • How much time do you spend on social media? Should you spend more time, or less?
  • How effective is your use of digital media?

In this Masterclass you will learn the importance of

  • Setting digital marketing objectives and tracking results
  • Websites
  • Email marketing
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Blogging

You will be able to develop a good online strategy that can deliver the results you want!

We meet in a private room at the beautiful Lion & Pheasant in Shrewsbury where we sit around
a single table exploring valuable business strategies covering key aspects of your business,
which you can implement into your business right away . . . And all this while enjoying
good company and tasty refreshments.

Contact us to take part, or for more information.

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