What will the new year bring?

New Year is a funny time of the year.  We say goodbye to the old and welcome to the new.  Many of us make resolutions, much the same as the broken ones from last year, and nothing really changes.

The change from one year into the next is a time when we acknowledge that the last year wasn’t such a good one, but the next one will fare for the better.  We always seem to be optimistic as we change from one year to the next, yet will 2012 really be better than 2011?  Did anything really change when you woke up this morning?

It is interesting to note that virtually all books and movies that situate themselves in the future are dark and oppressive.  Yet as we look to the New Year we tend to see the past as being darker than the year ahead lulls us into believing it will be.

If we look around us at the economy and the various regional uprisings there is good reason for us to feel pessimistic about 2012.  So what can you do to make sure your business has a better 2012 than 2011?

Firstly, don’t just plan for your business at the change of the year, or at a significant milestone… make sure you do it on a regular basis, otherwise you will be back on that hamster wheel in no time and nothing will change.  Far better that you make time for some creative thinking and planning for your business.

There are lots of different ways to approach your business planning, but you do need the flexibility to be able to change and adapt appropriately.  Whether you study business, read business improvement books, read business magazines, meet with other business owners, or have team planning sessions, please make sure you are always thinking about how you can improve what you currently do.  The business environment is changing and to be successful we need to respond accordingly.  Whatever we do, we need to do something.

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  1. Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!