Gaynor Gravestock

With over 30 years in business, in the UK and overseas Gaynor Gravestock has extensive experience you can trust.

More than 12 years have been spent in senior and board level positions as well as providing management consulting for SMEs.  She has delivered business growth, turnaround and transformation, and has a track record in identifying creative business solutions to deliver service differentiation and premium pricing, rather than discounting, in volatile markets. For her earlier business years she specialised in most areas of a business, including Marketing, HR, IT and Finance.

A real people person, Gaynor energises others with contagious enthusiasm and actively involves them in developing ideas and implementing solutions. She is passionate about making a difference and working with local business owners to help them achieve the full potential of their business, while creating more time to do the things they enjoy doing.

Gaynor places a particular focus on the organisation as a whole. She demonstrates an excellent understanding of business strategy and leadership, supported by postgraduate business qualifications from a leading university.

With a love of art, history and being outdoors, and having lived most of her life in Australia, she has now settled in Shrewsbury and enjoys exploring what Shropshire and the rest of the UK have to offer, at least when she isn’t tending her beautiful walled garden. Gaynor is married to Fred and they have five grown up daughters, some living locally and others overseas.

What drives Gaynor?

  • A passion for business – understanding its complexities and how each business is unique
  • A thirst for knowledge –it’s about understanding why something might work . . . and why  it might not
  • Service excellence – if it’s worth doing then it’s worth doing properly . . . then it’s more satisfying
  • Standing out from the crowd – never one to conform, Gaynor looks for different possibilities
  • To be the best – no matter how great, we can always improve
  • For the greater good – mindful of our impact on others and our corporate social responsibility
  • Helping others – that’s where the real passion comes from
  • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts (provided the parts are working together) – a fascination with and an ability to keep her eyes on all of the parts and make sure they work in synergy.

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